What makes you happy?

Do you know what makes you truly happy?

Is it your job or the pleasure of reading a book?

Does your happiness rely on the beauty of those that surround you or is it based on the simple yet gentle and kind actions that they take?

Do you feel it when you’re listening to an amazing song, when you’re watching a movie or dancing in the rain?

Do you feel it when he looks at you and smiles that sexy and intimate smile that you share or when you’re in his arms and you feel like you belong there?

Do you feel it when you accomplish something big or when you pay attention to the small but pretty details?, to the flowers that he bought you, or the light wind breeze on a hot summer day?

Or was it present when you firstly saw the ocean? or when you graduated? or was it in that crazy stuff that you did with your best friend?

Have you ever felt truly happy or did you just catch a glimpse of this state of mind?

Maybe if we dared to step over the line of our comfort zone we could find what makes us complete, happy and fulfilled.

Of course, it may hurt… it may burn like hell, but it definitely would be worth it in the end….





  1. Very thought provoking post. I think happiness can only come from within. Knowing who you truly are and accepting every aspect of yourself. This then will project on to others.

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