Travel back in Time at the Medieval Festival

Travel back in Time at the Medieval Festival

Sometimes, the only thing we want to do is travel back in time, do things differently or see how an exact event happened, when it did.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that possibility, but it is indeed possible to recreate some scenes or events, based on proper documentation and be under the spell of the past, trying to relive the moment.

At the Vatra complex, this is exactly what they’re trying to do by organizing the Medieval Festival. Last year, this was the first ever festival organized at Vatra and it was a pretty cool event.

I’ll be going again tomorrow, for this year’s event with a colleague from our US office and some friends. We’re looking forward to see the activities planned for tomorrow, which you can check out here and we’re sure we’ll have a good time.

In the meantime, you can check out some photos I took last year, at the first edition. Tomorrow, I’ll document the new experience as well.

PS: If you’re coming to Moldova in the near future, make sure you check out the events that will be organized at Vatra – I look forward to see you there.

Have a good weekend!





  1. This is so quaint and colourful.

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