The happy ever after

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I recently took part at a Public Speaking competition, which was an amazing experience, once again. This year’s theme was A house divided against itself cannot stand”  and you can find my speech below 🙂

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The happy ever after 

Floods. Crisis.  Deaths and Viruses. National Disasters and Wars. Destruction on a global scale.  No, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not an excerpt from a book or biblical prophecy. They’re not scenes from a Hollywood horror movie, but predictions for the real world in our lifetime if we continue to fight against each other; and by the end of this speech I hope to have proven to you how crucial a role we all have to play in avoiding this awful scenario. Because this time, it’s a fact. Not fiction.

Over the course of human history, the desire for something better and greater has motivated people to develop their societies, their countries and thus the whole planet. There were people from different cultures and backgrounds that contributed their knowledge altogether to create products, strategies or technologies that are now being used all around the world. Nowadays, there is a commonly used word for this: Globalization. It can best be understood as a leitmotif of the human history. It is a trend that has intensified and accelerated in the recent decades and come into full view with all its benefits and destructive power. Just as climate has shaped the environment over the millennia, the interaction among cultures and societies over years has resulted in the increasing integration of what is becoming the global human community.

The Berlin Wall has been destroyed, the Cold war ended. We are living in a political, economic and technological convergence. Flows of information as well as finances, goods, services and people across borders have transformed the nature of our societies and opportunities. We have no physical barriers and the internet is such an amazing force that links us all together from all around the world. But yet, even though we are more intimately connected physically and virtually than at any time since our distant history we have never been more far away from each other.

We all represent different countries and cultures. We are good and evil, love and hate, day and night, man and woman – we are so opposite and yet we are so much like each other that we are perfectly inseparable. But rather than acting like that, we fight against one another, we don’t help the ones in need, we create wars, risk lives and kill people. And do you know what the funny thing is? In the end, we’re all going to die, all of us! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. Yes, maybe it is old fashioned and maybe naive to think that we should all just get along. Frankly, I can’t stand my neighbor because he leaves his garbage by my door but yet I have to live with that!

But honestly, what is the real problem that we’re experiencing here? Why can’t all of us get together and stop this circus?

I think the problem is each one of us. I think the reason why world lacks unity is because humans are disunited with themselves. Think about it!

Christopher Paolini once wrote that too many problems in this world are caused by men with noble dispositions and clouded minds. We all make mistakes, but rarely on purpose. It’s usually an unlucky combination of a good heart and a less than perfectly functioning head. When we have a cause, we fight with our bodies, our voices, our computers, and yes, our hearts. But do we fight with our heads? Often enough, we don’t! We need to find the perfect balance between what we think and feel that is the right thing to do. You don’t have to choose between your head or your heart, because they are the yin and yang of our own nirvana.

So what are we really waiting for? The next bad thing to happen? The next disaster which could erase a whole continent? A nuclear war? Or maybe even an alien invasion? Or are we going to act towards communicating properly and accomplishing a real globalization? Maybe we are finally going to realize that clicking one button or sharing a photo on Facebook, isn’t going to save the world. We are the ones that have to do that! No country will be able to stand alone and fight against the full force of the next big disaster, we all need to cooperate!

Dear audience, it may be a dream, but I think there can be a happily ever after. Ken Wilber said that the ultimate reality is a unity of opposites and that it has no boundaries, anywhere. I think people and governments will come to accept the primordial role of unity in fighting against the humanity threats, keeping our planet healthy and peaceful and that we will all work towards being united with our friends from different continents.

So have a heart, but don’t lose your brain on the way, because united we stand, but divided we fall.


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