Take Action!

Hello my dears!

Finally, I’m done with exams and this means I can spend more time writing articles for my blog.. so stay tuned.. new articles are on their way 😀

In the meantime, in this article you’ll find my speech for the International Public Speaking Competition which was held in London, May, 2011. The international theme was Words are not enough. I hope you’ll like it 😉

Best wishes and enjoy the speech! 🙂

 Take Action!


Dear audience,

Thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity to share my ideas with you.

As any other participant, I was pretty nervous about the speech that I will have today, but afterwards, I realized that if I’m just thinking about it and doing nothing, I’m just wasting time and ideas. And do you know why? Because time will never come back and if we don’t act while the ideas are fresh in our mind, they will join the list of things we were going to do but never actually had the courage to take a step towards realizing them. So first of all, I would like you all to think about a precise action or idea that you haven’t accomplished but you’d wish to do now.

Have you pictured that?

I did and I remembered that once upon a time a friend of mine was leaving to study abroad. Regardless the departure which made me feel awful for loosing a very good friend, on our last meeting, I didn’t have the courage and strength to hug him, for the last time, because I knew I’ll miss him more if I do so, But what I didn’t know at that time was that I’ll regret my decision a long time after.

As life is unexpected, I’m sure each one of you had different situations even those of failure when you wanted to travel back in time only for doing at least smth for a specific situation. I experienced this too, so after years, I realized that there is one thing worth more than a thousand words and that thing is called Taking action!

Actually, I dare say that Taking action helps us survive. We live our lives by taking action at different points in time. Besides that Actions are worth much more than words. Why? Because you prove your worth with your actions. Because words come and go, but actions last forever.

In order to take action we need an idea in our head. Nowadays, a lot of people do so, but there are only few of them who decide to do something about their ideas now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month or even year. But today.

Think about Facebook, Ebay or even the internet, a lot of people had these ideas but only one specific person or a group had the necessary motivation and strength to do that. Maybe, people don’t take action because they are waiting for the right moment but there is no such thing as the right moment. We can’t wait for the desired circumstances to take action; we should use all the opportunities that life gives us because can’t travel in time to change our mind. Time waits for no one and there will always be a reason why we shouldn’t do something. But we have to be strong, outline what we have to do and if we’re acting on achieving it, we’re half way to the big win. Hard work and sometimes even tears are the only way we’ll get there.

As you begin to take action toward the fulfillment of your goals and dreams, you must realize that not every action will be perfect. Not every action will produce the desired result but remember that an Imperfect Action is better than no action.

Furthermore, for a lot of people, the fear of failure is one of the greatest barrier in taking action.

If you Do overcome you fear of failure and begin to take action let me tell you something. Sometimes you really need to fail. This is a part of who we are. Failure is simply doing something the wrong way but It’s the only way we learn something new and gather a lot of experience that will be priceless for our future.

Shakespeare once said that speakers are not good doers so instead of dreaming or thinking “if, when, where, how will I do that?” stop talking and start doing something. The world is full of dreamers, but each one of you is one unique person who has enough power to make a change. Of course, you can’t do everything but you can still do something and you should not refuse to do it because if we start doing that all together, we change the world.

It is said that a hug always brings up a smile on people’s face so here is an idea regarding how to make the world better. Starting from now hug at least one person per day. Those people will start hugging others too unconsciously so in the end everyone will get at least one hug and smile per day. Think what a great change we are able to make without any kind of resources to be used. A hug is the perfect way to make people surrounding you happier and all that you’ll always need are just your hands and a big open heart.

Furthermore, you can’t just wait for life to come, you have to go get it. So do accept the challenges and don’t be afraid to fly and see the sky. Explore and Discover new things and you will shine!

Remember that there’s no good without bad, no white without black, no yin without yang and no success neither good life without action so try and fail but don’t fail in taking action because you will never accomplish your dreams if you give up.




  1. gggggooooodddddd jjjjooobbbb !!!!!

  2. hell yeah …… awesome job :). Acu am descoperit blogul si sincer, nu ma pot opri din citit :D. Extraordinar de bine relevat tripul in London si pregatirile. Despre speech ce pot sa zic ….. speechless … good point on taking action and fail it :), but continuing with “taking action”. Ca o paralela la partea de fail, stii faza cu “cel mai bine e sa inveti din greselile altora”, bine ca si aci apar multe nuante … ar fi bine sa le discutam la un suc/cafea/ceai/film/etc.Cert este ca “if you’re doing nothing, you’re getting nothing”, so TAKE ACTION. Merci pentru blog. Take care.

    Sincerly yours,

    Nick Shmitt 🙂

    • wow.. Nicu, merci :blush: tre’ să mă apuc de scris mai des atunci 😀

      well.. concursul şi plecarea în Londra au reprezentat un fragment extrem de frumos în viaţa mea.. mai ales că tu ştii de când visez eu la Londra 😀

      În rest, scriu din suflet şi din experienţă tot ce scriu şi veau să fac asta şi pe viitor 🙂 şi îţi mulţumesc frumos pentru apreciere 😉
      Dacă ceva, I’m in la discutat ))

      Take care u too :hug: :*

      PS: ref. la tripul în Londra, mai am multe de povestit 🙂 dar trebuie să îmi organizez gâdurile într-un articol, în curând…

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