Never be afraid to fail!

Cum am mai spus, la concurs a fost minunat!

Le mulţumesc persoanelor care m-au susţinut în alegerea acestei teme. Vouă vă rămân recunoscătoare :hug:

Le mulţumesc persoanelor care după ce am scris discursul şi-au exprimat părerea cu referire la el şi îi mulţumesc lui Sergiu pentru minunata idee care mi-a dat-o 🙂 şi care am inclus-o la sfârşitul speech-ului.

Vă rog să spuneţi şi voi dacă v-a plăcut sau nu speech-ul meu :D.

Never be Afraid to fail!

Dear audience,

First of all I would like to thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity of talking to you.

In the last few days, I have thought very much about the speech that I will present today and as a result I started sleeping much better due to the tiredness that I had.

Several times, I have started and afterward failed in structuring my speech, but after waking up in the last morning before the contest, I realized that I had to calm down and start thinking seriously about the ideas that I will share with you today.

Because I have not succeeded in my previous attempts and I also have other bad experiences I realized that today I should talk about something that every person in the world has experienced at least once. This something is called failure and I will try to convince each one of you that you should never be afraid to fail!

Nowadays, everyone is looking for success, yet almost every person who has achieved something big in his or her life has failed before succeeding.
Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he successfully invented the light bulb. He would have never succeeded if he had given up trying.
Joanne Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter sequel, was an unemployed single mother when she wrote her first manuscript. Today she is one of Brittan’s wealthiest women.
These people have not succeeded through success; but through the experience learned from their failures, because failures are the most important lessons for the future.

Because failure is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life and we should get used to it, never be afraid of it and try to learn something new every time we don’t accomplish what we dreamed about.

I have failed too. The most often failure that I have is that I stop the wrong minibus due to poor eyesight. I know that almost all the drivers hate me, but I try to improve day by day even though there is no result.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to face bigger challenges and expect bigger failures, but these are the ones that teach us the most and lead us to a new level.

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. This fear may be encouraged by previous unsuccessful activities, by our family, our friends or teachers, who, based on their experience, suggest us that it’s better not to do something, because we may not succeed.
I truly appreciate their pieces of advice but I guess we should think and act on our own, because we are the ones that have to gather now life experience that will help us in the future.
If you overcome you fear of failure let me tell you something. Sometimes you really need to fail. This is a part of who we are. Failure is simply doing something the wrong way. This why failure is better than instant success. It’s the only way we learn something new that will be priceless for our future. We can read a lot of books, listen to a lot of real stories but none of them will be able to help us in our own unique life situations. Only by getting involved and taking action, we can learn and achieve something.
So what do we do when we fail? Give up and never attempt it again? Certainly not. We revise what we did, what went wrong, and try again a new approach. If we fail again, we revise what we did, what went wrong and try again. If we fail again, I hope you remember the previous sentence with the steps you should follow.
There are so many people who are afraid of failure. This is why they have a monotonous life and always complain about the bad things that happen to them.
But we shouldn’t be like them, not at all. Many years from now some of us will be more disappointed by the things they didn’t do than by the ones they did do.
So do accept the challenges and don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t be afraid to fly and see the sky. Explore and Discover new things and you will shine!
Never be afraid of failure and Go for every new opportunity that life gives you because usually we don’t get second chances. Time waits for no one and there will always be a reason why we shouldn’t do something. But you have to be strong, outline what you have to do and if you are acting on achieving it, you’re half way to the big win. Hard work and sometimes even tears are the only way you’ll get there.
Remember that there’s no good without bad, no white without black, no yin without yang and no success without failure so try and fail but don’t fail to try because you will not accomplish your dreams if you give up.




  1. awesome, dar totuși n-ai schimbat la sfârșit să fie mai pozitiv, cum ți-am zis, adică „… beacause u’ll accomplish ur dreams only by not giving up” 🙂

  2. subconștientul publicului „primește” mai bine frazele pozitive ^^

  3. great job !!! “Sometimes you really need to fail. This is a part of who we are. “….atit de devarat…:)

  4. nice

  5. The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.[…]
    There are so many people who are afraid of failure. This is why they have a monotonous life and always complain about the bad things that happen to them.

    Iata cuvintele astea trebuie sa si le noteze fiecare, si nu atat pe foaie, cat in inima. De fapt, poate nici nu exista esec, ci doar feedback: iata un lucru nu-l poti face extrem de bine, altul nu-ti place chiar atat de mult, pentru celalat n-ai avut timp sa te pregatesti suficient – si poate simplu te-ai lasat influentat prea tare de emotii si de asta n-ai reusit la un moment dat. In schimb, exista la fel de multe lucruri (de obicei si mai multe 🙂 ) care iti reusesc de minune!

    Superb articol, Adriana!
    Pun pariu ca discursul a fost la fel 😉

  6. cool:) made me think a bit la ceea ce mie mii frică acu

  7. Nice job … referitor la miopie – get your glasses ;). Fine speech, like a sequel of ”Take Action!” :). Mai ramane loc si de:”Sa invatam din greselile altora” 😉

  8. citit acum discursul tau, si sincer, e intocmai doza ceea de ginduri de care am nevoie.

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