Expectations, Standards and Challenges

Expectations, Standards and Challenges

Over the last few days I have been analyzing some of the expectations that I have in different aspects of my life. Some of them imply having high standards and working hard in order to achieve everything that I want. Some of them make it really hard to find that specific action or result that will make you happy. Some of them consume you along the way but make you feel happy and satisfied when they are met.

There are different trips along the way that touched me and outlined the expectations, the standards and the things I would like to achieve. They motivated me to be better, to develop myself but in the end, changed me for good.

I will continue working really hard in order to accomplish my dreams and I hope that people that I will care about and who will care about me will be along ride, offering and giving, as someone would say, but nevertheless – growing together and reaching a new level.

I love challenges so let’s go with the flow and make the best of it, aim high and work hard to get, but still remember where, when and how did we start the journey of our lives.

Along the way, you should never forget:

Do what makes you happy!

PS: Thanks for sharing the pic, Mihaela



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