Exams are over now

January is always a tough period for me. Given that I’m still enrolled at the university, this is a period when I have to present in a lot of work, have classes and exams and keep an eye on my projects at work.

Shortly after the New Year holidays, this crazy time of the year follows, so I’ve been head over heels busy with it – thus not very active on the blog.

But hold on and keep in following the blog – I have a plan for it, which I hope to be able to put in action this year. Soooo.. keep a close watch and I hope you’ll like the new content coming up.

Also, if you are a frequent reader of the blog, feel free to suggest any ideas or subject you’ll be interested to read about – I would be thrilled to cover them for you, my fellow readers. I’ll be waiting for your comments below.

As someone used to say, the future looks good and I hope you will be there, in the future, reading this blog!

Have an awesome day, dear ones… and as a bonus, here’s a playlist of songs that I’m currently into – enjoy them!



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