ASCONI Winery – the Perfect Weekend Getaway

ASCONI Winery – the Perfect Weekend Getaway

A few weeks back, I had the amazing opportunity of visiting the ASCONI Winery.

This was my first trip ever to a winery so I was excited to find out more about the details behind the process that they use for making the wine that we enjoy afterwards and I was thrilled to get out of the city for a day. Of course, being born in Moldova, my grandparents and parents used to make or continue to make wine on some occasions, but the process is very different at a winery and at home and that’s what I wanted to know more about.

So, the recipe for this trip: gather a group of people who are interested in wine / visiting a winery, people who can write about it and promote it and get them there, at Asconi Winery. Thank you Lia for organizing this event.

Trip Details:
ASCONI Winery is located in Puhoi, Moldova, at about 30 km from Chisinau (40 min ride with a car) and you can easily get there by using this map: 

Our trip there was pleasant and we were all excited to find out more about Asconi Winery.

Ion was our host / guide there – he is part of the Asconi Team and is knowledgeable and involved in of a lot of the activities happening at the winery. The team believes that all the tours should be done by people who are involved in the day to day processes and can answer any questions related to this field for their visitors.


Ion provided us some details about the winery, which was found in 1994 and has achieved great results until now. They have about 500 hectares of vineyards of different varieties and all of the modern equipment needed to make wines in the harvest season. We also discovered that Asconi Winery is one of the few companies that exports wine on the African continent, in addition to the EU and Asian market.
Afterwards, Ion guided us through the different sections from the winery and explained all the secrets of wine making, starting from how and when the grapes are collected, how the wine is made, where and how long it is stored, how it is packaged and other processes.

Then we went to visit the Restaurant area that they have – which features two buildings, both decorated with traditional Romanian elements that represent our culture. Asconi Winery would like to be a place where good wine, good food and traditions can be all preserved together and enjoyed by their visitors.

IMG_5993 IMG_5961

And talking about wine and food – they are great. We got to enjoy a lot of wonderful national dishes and we did a wine tasting of 5 wines from Asconi: Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Kagor. My favourite ones were the Riesling and Cahor editions, which I am definitely going to buy in the future as well.


You can find the Asconi Wines in the specialized wine shops from Chisinau, like Carpe Diem, and a few others.
I would also highly recommend you to visit the winery, since it’s a great place to be at and enjoy the weekend. They are also building a section where you will be able to book a room and enjoy your time there which should be ready in the near future.

So take your friends and visit Asconi Winery – they have great summer offers and you will enjoy the good wine & food!

To find out more about the Asconi Winery, visit their official pages:
Facebook | Website

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Note: This article was written based on a collaboration with Asconi Winery

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