A letter to my friends

Dear friends,

thank you for existing.

I like spending time with u doing something interesting, helping others or doing absolutely nothing.

Sometimes I may be stubborn or I may do things that you dislike and this is why you may get angry with me.  Sorry for doing that but I’m just used to do some things like that, and it may take me a while before I change my habits.

Leaving all that behind, I must say that I truly appreciate you for being there always, even if it’s just on the internet because you’re far away, and be sure that I am too. We’re all lucky to have each other and I hope we will live a long happy life because we deserve it.

And here’s a song for you all…  I miss u my dear ones :hugs:




  1. perfect. :wub:

  2. foarte frumos… toata lumea ar tebui sa aiba astfel de prieteni

  3. I look over adrianamosnoi.wordpress.com via google translate – keep up with the good stuff !

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