A bunch of feelings…

     I must say that I was scared and terrified. It felt the right thing to do though. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I had to give up something on my part, I had to take responsibility and let it go, because it couldn’t be worse than it already was. So yes, I was excited, anxious, but I decided to go forward and it was kind of nice to get all the things sorted out finally after such a long time. So I started talking, doing the explanations, apologizing and it went well I guess. I was trembling but we talked, very calm and nice. Even though we didn’t get quite in all the details, still, it was well… And then, I opened up my arms and waited for a hug and when we reached for each other a bunch of feelings came through: relief, the idea that I missed it so much, the idea that it was worth it, and then happiness came through. We were laughing and almost crying like some stupid little kids but it felt so good that we were finally on the same page… And missed each other so much that we didn’t release ourselves for quite some time xD but then we realized that we have so many things to catch up on but we had to go to class so we agreed to do that later on..

     We went in class all filled in a lot of emotions of different kind but it was special and I hope it will be fine.

     We’ll just have to wait and see how the things will go on.. in the future… 

PS: I’ll see you soon :hugs:




  1. oh, feelings, dacă nu ele, pierdeau demult toți sensul vieți ))))

  2. feelings are more true when they are pure, not stolen.

  3. fell , fell the love , fell the air , fell the hug , fell the kiss , fell you in this world !

  4. agree dar totuşi cîteodată e greu să decizi totuşi ce anume trebuie să faci în privinţa lor ))

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